Family Medical Care Associates, LLC.

General Adult Medicine and Geriatrics.

At family medical care associates we provide wide range of services to out adult and geriatric patients including complex patient care, EKG, PFTs, Adult Immunization, Minor procedures and weight loss and wound care. We work closely with specialists and help our sick patients try achieve better quality of life.

Weight Loss and Wound care.

 Adult Obesity is on the rise in U.S. and chronic medical problems like Diabetes, Heart diseases, High blood pressure, Sleep apnea is so prevalent. We help our patients with weight loss with our program and help patients achieve their goal to prevent future chronic life threatening illnesses. We also offer latest techniques is healing stubborn wounds including hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Union Hospital.

Pediatrics and Gyn.

We treasure our pediatric patients. We know the bond that develops between mother and child from the birth to adulthood. We offer full range of pediatric immunization from birth to 18 years of age to keep our children healthy. we also offer services like PAP smears and IUDinsertions and birth control for our Gyn., population including post menopausal health.